Friday, February 27, 2015

Locksmithing is my therapy to life's hurdles.

Working on the road gives me a chance to be free. The fact that I am able to go from place to place helping people with their most frustrating situations is the most freeing feeling in the world.  Having someone over seeing your every move is not my cup of tea. I was never good with authority. I raised myself, supported myself, put myself through college doing locksmithing. I enjoy helping people. Ok enough about me let me tell you about my lunch today. So I was in Jackson Heights doing a lock out service. After the job it was lunch time, so I went to have it with my very good friend and brother Sammy Jr. at Pizza Sam. I had the best baked clams ever.  Very well done. The stuffing was so tasty I couldn't get enough of it.  Very fresh, tasty and succulent.  I would recommend it to anyone in Jackson Heights for lunch or dinner.
Locksmith service is always an adventure weather it is in Flushing, Corona, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Woodhaven, Elmhurst, or Jackson Heights is always around to help people in need.  The most adventurous day I have had with Abba's locksmith is when I drilled opened a lock is ran inside the apartment to save a gentleman who had fallen and didn't get up to two days. He was dehydrated so I grabbed a paper towel soaked it wet and dripped the water into his mouth. Afterwards the EMT's had shown up and took over the care of the guy.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The tools to stop chaos

Ok my clients always ask me, what do you recommend for a deadbolt? And my answer is always either the Mul-t-lock or the Medeco. I used to lean towards the Medeco more just because it is an American made lock, but now that I know Mul-t-Lock is also owned by the same company as the Medeco lock now I recommend either one. The best part of these locks is the fact that they are proven to be pick proof.  You can not pick neither one of these locks open. One day I had to open a medeco tubular deadbolt the Maxum, so since it is pick proof  I didnt even try to pick it. I went straight to drilling it, after going through about four drill bits, all my batteries died also. Now I am there with only a 14 pound sludge hammer. I decide to give it a try. I started hammering away, so after about 20 blows I gave up, I went over to the client's neighbor and asked if I can charge my batteries there.  With fully charged batteries I was able to drill the lock open. This job was a few months back in Flushing. I learned my lesson now I walk with three fully charged batteries. locksmith Flushing

Friday, February 20, 2015

A nightmare in flushing

So as you know our communities are getting larger and larger but our space is staying the same. So what happens is big time congestion and parking wars.  Today I had to go do a lockout service around main street and 41 avenue. Now if you are familiar with Flushing this corner also intersects with Kissenna blvd and the nightmare that is created is huge.  You have buses, trucks, cabs, and regular cars trying to move around.  So here I am trying to get to this lockout and guess what no parking.  So I find parking five blocks away from the lockout.  I walk with my heavy tool bag to the building. When I get to the lobby there are police officers, firemen and EMTs on location. I can get through to enter the building. So I ask one of the officers to let me in, he said no there is an emergency there you can't go there.  So I said well I have any emergency in the same building, I told him I am a locksmith. He says oh shoot, you got to get there  they are waiting for you.  It turns out that the old lady that needed the lockout service also called all the other agencies.  So I get to her on the third floor, there she is busy fighting with the cops telling them to let her in, they keep yelling we can not do that mam. Finally I let her in and then when I am asking for money she says " I am not going to pay you, ask the cops to pay you". So what do I do? Well I thanked her and just left. Not all jobs are paying jobs. Things happen. locksmith flushing

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chopping it up Forest Hills

Today I had a chance to show the internet world how to work on a mortise lock set. I was able to position my android HTC1 smart phone on my grinder machine and take my mortise lock display unit, take it apart and put it back together.  Mortise locks have six parts 1) Front plate, 2) Back plate,3)cylinder,4)two knobs,5)one spindle,6)and the lock body
I have done many lockout and lock ins with mortise locks. The mortise lock is very unique because it has a double function, its a deadbolt and latch lock at the same time.  On the lock body there is a button that allows you to activate the latch lock. Now once you have the latch locked you can not use the outside knob and must use your key to unlatch the lock.  I have opened door for clients who do not know about the latch lock and accidently lock themselves out. 
The other way you can get locked out of your bottom lock is if you don't maintain the lock by occasionally lubricating it or adjusting it. So what happens is that the lock collapses on itself and gets jammed in the lock position.  When this happens most of the time we have to destroy the lock in order to open it. Queens

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I love my job

Having a job with the freedom to go anywhere for lunch is the best thing in this world.  Being a locksmith your always on the road especially if you are a technician. I am a locksmith technician and I travel from job to job all over Queens.  Today I had the pleasure to have all my jobs in the Forest Hills section of Queens.  And as you would know it, I had lunch at the best diner in the area.  The T-bone Diner in Forest Hills. I had the cook behind the counter make me my own designer burger. I had him make my burger medium well, put romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and coleslaw with home fries. Yum, Yum. He did forget the pickle.  This diner is the only place I can go and have them make it my way.  Well after this wonderful lunch I had the right amount of energy to do an emergency lockout service, which happened to be a few blocks away at 75th road and Austin street.  I service all of Queens, Forest Hills, Flushing, Corona, Bayside, Woodhaven, Whitestone, Woodside, College Point, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Rego Park, Astoria, Ditmars, Dutch Kills, and for all area purposes I also go to Nassau County Long Island. locksmith Queens

Monday, February 16, 2015

A girl got kicked out

Today 2/16/15 I went to a locksmith request for a gentleman in Forest Hills Queens who wanted to change his locks.  I got to the location, he showed me the locks he wanted to change and  I started to change the locks when all of a sudden I had a woman come out of nowhere and almost attack me. She was yelling stuff like " Who the F are you and what The F are you doing", so I asked her to calm down and I would tell her what is up. Thank God the gentleman came down and all hell broke loose.  They started yelling at each other. The woman was yelling " why the hell you changing the locks" and the guy yelling " because you are a b#$#@ and I want you out". She said you cant do that I have my belongings in there. So as soon as she said that I stopped changing the locks and informed my client that he should consult with a lawyer because she might be right. So I collected a service call from the client and left, as I was leaving I think the #Flushing, #Queens, #emergency, #locksmith.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Crazy not to change

So when you call a locksmith are you really getting a locksmith, or are you getting a person who knows how to install locks.  You just moved into a new apartment, there is only one lock on the door for which the super hands you a key. So here you are moving all your nice electronics, your nice clothes, and shoes.  What should you be doing for security. You decide not to change your lock and don't bother to install a new deadbolt on the door. Two months into your new apartment you come home and the only thing that is still in your apartment is the refrigerator.  So nothing on the door is broken, the windows are still locked, so you ask yourself how did the person come in? Well could it be that maybe many people before you had that same key that you were given. Yes it could be. So you pick up the phone and call a locksmith. On the phone you should ask the person if they have a physical location, and if they don't hang up and call a real locksmith. is a real locksmith serving the county of Queens for the last ten years. We specialize in high security jimmy proof deadbolts such as Mul-t-Lock, Medeco, Assa Abloy, and many others.  Serving neighborhoods such as Elmhurst, Flushing, Bayside, Whitestone, Woodhaven, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Corona, and Maspeth Abbaslocksmith has created some of the best security for our clients home, apartments, and businesses.  We have installed interlocking J-bars for steel door, tubular Medeco deadbolts on wood door with super strikes. When it comes to home security Abbaslocksmith is an innovator. We have gotten into the new WiFi activated locks also. locksmith queens,Flushin,ForestHills, Corona,Astoria,JacksonHeights,Woodhaven

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The first of many locksmith service

So what can a locksmith do?  Well locksmiths can open locks, install locks, change keys for locks, master key locks, install doors, repair frames, repair locks, and so much more.  When you come home tired and stressed and then find out you cant enter your apartment because your lock does not work, who do you call? My advice call your local licensed locksmith (  A licensed locksmith will not only be able to get you in but also be able to install a new lock for you.  Always get an exact price for at least the opening of the lock. Once you are in your apartment 90% chance you can get the management company to replace the lock.  If you call a locksmith don't allow them to send you a tech without knowing at least what he will charge you to open the lock.  There are companies that will quote you a minimum price in order to get you the locksmith into your house and usually they will end up charging you a lot more then the minimum, so please at least get the price on opening the lock.,Queens,ForestHills will always give you the exact price to get you into your apartment, house, car and business 24 hours 7 days a week.

Nice to meet you

Hello I am R.Khan licensed locksmith. I started my locksmith career back in 1999, I had just quit working for Allstate Pest control and was looking for something new, one of my friends Alex Nunez was working for Champion locksmith and told me that they were hiring, so I went, interviewed and was hired right away.  I was hired as a locksmith dispatcher, my job was to book emergency locksmith services and then dispatch them out to contracted locksmiths on the field. Champion locksmith covered all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk county Long Island, all of Connecticut and Boston Mass.  I had the 4 to midnight shift, during which I would work and also do school work because at that time I was enrolled in a bachelor degree program in John Jay College. While working in the office, there were contracted locksmiths who had to bring their weekly paper work to be processed.  When the locksmiths would come I would always pick their brain about locksmith work.  Some of the locksmiths took a liking to me and would always bring their tools up to show me some basic locksmith skills.  I learned to pick open my first mortise cylinder from Harry Malios, I learned how to cut a car key by code from Oscar Moreno, I wrapped my first cylinder with Demo Eliadas, Joe from Staten Island showed me how to open my first safe. In NYC in order to get licensed you need two licensed locksmiths to sign an affidavit along with your locksmith license application. While training with the above locksmiths I finally learned enough for them to realize I was ready, so I got two signatures and was able to get my license.  I graduated from John Jay with a  3.64 GPA Public Administration, but by then I had fallen in love with the locksmith industry, so I decided to further develop my skills and continued to work as a locksmith. Currently I manage Abco locksmith, do contract work for Admiral, White's, Ark, and Armor locksmith, I also administer and  I have been actively working as a locksmith since 2004, my specialty is residential work, commercial work and some auto work., Flushing, Corona, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Woodhaven