Sunday, January 15, 2017

New York City is the Most competitive locksmith field

In the eighties and nineties the locksmith service was a very kept service, just like plumbing, and electricians.  Locksmith companies were rare and professional.  Many of them were passed down from father to son and so on.  Many companies would have a few trained technicians on hand and most work would be done by the owners with the technicians being helpers.  After the nineties there was an influx of foreign technicians in the field. These technicians came from all over the world, one way or another they learned the field and somehow or another made a career out of being locksmiths. Today in New York City alone there are probably hundreds of locksmith companies.and hundreds of locksmiths. Being a big city New York has become a transient city, people move in and out of apartments. Anytime someone moves in and out they usually change the cylinder on their apartment door lock. I always advise my clients to either change both locks or change one cylinder and install a deadbolt.
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Astoria Queens

In the past ten years many areas of New York City have doubled in population. With increase in population comes an increase in the construction of buildings.  One such area of New York City is Astoria Queens. This area is north of Queens Plaza South and West of NYC.  In the past this area was predominantly Greek, but in the past ten years its population has changed and now its melting pot of nations.  Starting with the Greeks, we now count Arabs, Serbians, Brazilians, and all other nations you can think as our neighbors here in Astoria.  Abba's Locksmith in Astoria has provided locksmith service in Astoria Queens for the past fifteen years. When all the large buildings were being erected our locksmith technicians were installing the locks.  Now that the buildings have been occupied for more then ten years we have replaced locks, cylinders and we have open countless apartments for individuals from all over the world.

The locksmith business has also taken on some changes in the past ten years. When it comes to locks you have your average home depot locks such as Kwikset, Schlage, and Defiant, and then you have advance locks like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock and Assa Abloy.  These typical locks have been baught and installed by countless homeowners in Astoria.  We are happy to say that we have prided ourselves on repairing, replacing and doing all that it takes to help the residents of Astoria deal with any kind of locksmith emergency. A typical home in Astoria is usually equipped with a deadbolt, and a door knob.  Many times when someone moves into Astoria Queens 11106

they usually call us to change the keys for their locks.  We have re-keyed and repaired all the locks that are mentioned above.

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Last weekend we received a call from a gentleman who was very frustrated because he could not find any parts for a lock that is been on his door for the past fifty years. I told him to bring it into Abba's locksmith of Astoria 40-10 59th Street Woodside N.Y.11377.  When he brought it in it was the original fox police lock stand up bar lock.  He needed the gear box of the locking mechanism. I went through a box that I had dedicated to old parts and guess what? I found the piece he needed, another happy customer.  For any lock or door issue please call us we will help you in the best way possible.

Damaged door before
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In The digital age our locksmith company is moving along with the increase in technology, we currently install all App operated and digital electronic locks.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fire doors and wood doors

Doors do break and when they do its hard to repair.  At Abba's locksmith we pride ourselves on repairing before replacing.  Repairing always saves our clients money and time.  On Tuesday I went to a building in Forest Hills Queens to take a look at a door that the fire department broke into because there was smoke coming out the apartment.  Unfortunately the damage was too great to fix so I measured the door to be replaced. In Queens and in all of New York City 98% of the apartment doors are fire rated 90 minutes. This means that the door will not be compromised for 90 minutes in a fire. Known as a Kalamein door the fire rated door is a steel clad door that is metal on the outside but solid wood inside.  Usually equipped with a mortise lock and a jimmy proof drop bolt I recommend this door for all apartment entry door. I also recommend this door when you want to protect your apartment from a break in.  The Kalamein door can with stand damage from a craw bar and usually it stands strong for a very long time. 
For residential homes we recommend solid 2" thick hard wood doors.  The reason you should have a 2" thick door is because it is less prone to being craw barred opened.  A thick hardwood door also withstands weathering better than a thin soft wood door.  The best is oak, because it is still affordable and it looks very nice.  The most standard is from either home depot which is usually made from cider or pine.  I personally have installed oak doors and let me tell you they are very hard, trying to put a deadbolt on it took me nearly half an hour to cut a hole into it.  We here at abba's locksmith we provide all choice of hardwood and other doors, including iron, wood, steel, and aluminum.
Kalamein door into brick
Red metal door with panels


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lockout service

Just like everything else we use day to day locks require maintenance. Countless times I have. Gone to locations in Queens where the person has their keys but the lock doesn't turn. So on the scene the first thing I do is spray WD40 lubricant and 90% of the time the key starts to turn and I open the door.  The first question that the client comes out with is so what happened? And I tell them well your lock dried up and the pins froze up so you couldn't turn the key and when the sprayed the lubricant it freed up the pins and bingo the key turned.  Usually if there is construction happeneimg in the apartment on the floor the dust can cause the cylinder pins to Hamm up.  So it's very important to spray WD40 into the key way and any moving part of the lock.  Some people use grafiet by I don't recoomen it because it's basically fine powder and it could jam up the cylinder.  If your lock on your apartment door is starting to turn hard or it doesn't have that clear snap sound chances are it needs lubrication don't delay lubricate it before it breaks and locks you out. provides free service call for maintenance and upgrading.  We service Flushing, Corona, Rego Park, Astoria, First Hills, Elmhurst, Woodhaven and many other Queens neighborhoods.  Specialized in doors, locks, lockout service safes, and much more.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to get locksmith service discounts

Locksmith services can be expensive especially in an emergency situation.  One way to avoid paying too much for locksmith service is to hire local and licensed locksmiths.  If you are locked out of your apartment always do a local google search such as emergency locksmith in (your location) and then search.  Most of the time the first three or four companies that come up are usually paid ads so if you click on them make sure you are speaking with a locksmith and not a dispatcher.  Now I would suggest that you go down to the organic search section and hire one of those guys. Just make sure that they have a physical location and they are licensed.  Also when placing your call please ask the person on the phone how much the service is going to cost you at least for the most part.  So now the locksmith arrives make sure he/she is licensed.  Before he/she starts to do the job get the job priced. 
Ok so you have located the best locksmith and are going to hire him/her to do your job, now what do you do to either decrease your cost for the service or get it done for free. Number one go on all social media to locate the company that you have hired, 9 out of 10 times companies offer discounts via their social media outlets. So go ahead and search them on facebook, Twiter, Google+ and instagram.  You would be surprised what companies offer, my company abba's locksmith offers free service call from 9-5 during the day.  I know companies such as Abco Master Lock and Key that offer 15% off for repeat customers.  So always do some research before hiring a locksmith it will pay to do so.  Abba's locksmith offers free estimates to first time home owners, veterans, teachers, crime victims, and newly married couples.  In Queens Abba's locksmith also does 15% senior citizen discount.  I have discovered that the referral service Thumbtack is an excellent place to look for very affordable locksmith service. will help you get the most competitive quote out there for locksmith service.  Use to receive great service and discounted prices.