Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lockout service

Just like everything else we use day to day locks require maintenance. Countless times I have. Gone to locations in Queens where the person has their keys but the lock doesn't turn. So on the scene the first thing I do is spray WD40 lubricant and 90% of the time the key starts to turn and I open the door.  The first question that the client comes out with is so what happened? And I tell them well your lock dried up and the pins froze up so you couldn't turn the key and when the sprayed the lubricant it freed up the pins and bingo the key turned.  Usually if there is construction happeneimg in the apartment on the floor the dust can cause the cylinder pins to Hamm up.  So it's very important to spray WD40 into the key way and any moving part of the lock.  Some people use grafiet by I don't recoomen it because it's basically fine powder and it could jam up the cylinder.  If your lock on your apartment door is starting to turn hard or it doesn't have that clear snap sound chances are it needs lubrication don't delay lubricate it before it breaks and locks you out. provides free service call for maintenance and upgrading.  We service Flushing, Corona, Rego Park, Astoria, First Hills, Elmhurst, Woodhaven and many other Queens neighborhoods.  Specialized in doors, locks, lockout service safes, and much more.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to get locksmith service discounts

Locksmith services can be expensive especially in an emergency situation.  One way to avoid paying too much for locksmith service is to hire local and licensed locksmiths.  If you are locked out of your apartment always do a local google search such as emergency locksmith in (your location) and then search.  Most of the time the first three or four companies that come up are usually paid ads so if you click on them make sure you are speaking with a locksmith and not a dispatcher.  Now I would suggest that you go down to the organic search section and hire one of those guys. Just make sure that they have a physical location and they are licensed.  Also when placing your call please ask the person on the phone how much the service is going to cost you at least for the most part.  So now the locksmith arrives make sure he/she is licensed.  Before he/she starts to do the job get the job priced. 
Ok so you have located the best locksmith and are going to hire him/her to do your job, now what do you do to either decrease your cost for the service or get it done for free. Number one go on all social media to locate the company that you have hired, 9 out of 10 times companies offer discounts via their social media outlets. So go ahead and search them on facebook, Twiter, Google+ and instagram.  You would be surprised what companies offer, my company abba's locksmith offers free service call from 9-5 during the day.  I know companies such as Abco Master Lock and Key that offer 15% off for repeat customers.  So always do some research before hiring a locksmith it will pay to do so.  Abba's locksmith offers free estimates to first time home owners, veterans, teachers, crime victims, and newly married couples.  In Queens Abba's locksmith also does 15% senior citizen discount.  I have discovered that the referral service Thumbtack is an excellent place to look for very affordable locksmith service. will help you get the most competitive quote out there for locksmith service.  Use to receive great service and discounted prices.

Monday, May 18, 2015

What is the difference

People get locked out all the time.  The question is how do you get in what are the different ways locksmiths can open you door.  Well to start off with I think everyone should have a trust worthy neighbor with whom you can leave your keys with so incase you loose your keys and are locked out you just go next door and get in with your own keys.  Ok lets say you don't have a neighbor who you leave keys with and one day you walk out of your apartment and bang the door closes behind you. You are locked out, first off don't panic.  Some times there is a very easy way to get back into your apartment.  So you look at your door and you see that there is a very big space between the door jam and the door, it looks like you can slide something between and get the door open. I suggest you try your credit card, there is a big chance you will  be able to get the door opened by sliding the credit card between the lock and the door jam.  Now if you get the door open hooray you did it.  Now lets say you weren't able to open your door.  What do you do next?  My suggestion you try calling the super, most of the time the superintendent of the building either has your key for the bottom lock or he/she knows how to open the door.  So the super comes over and tries to shim open the door just like you were trying and as luck would have it he/she also can not open the door. Now what?
Lucky enough you got locked out with your smart phone in your hand.  So go ahead and do a google search for local locksmith.  In Queens I would search for emergency locksmith (neighborhood) Queens.  So for example if you are locked out in Rego Park you would do emergency locksmith Rego Park Queens and press search.  Doing this type of search will narrow down your options of locksmiths to your local area not a general area.  So now you look on the first page of the search and there are at least thirteen listings.  So try at least one of the first paid ads, chances are they will quote you a minimum svc charge and then a price for the opening depending on what type of lock they open.  Under the paid ads there are organic search ads, normally the local locksmiths would be found in the first three or four listings.  Once you call one of the locksmith listing let them know your situation and then ask how much.  99% of the time it should not be more then $100. 
So now the locksmith arrives at your location, he/she looks at the lock and tells you that he/she will try to shim your lock, pick it or have to drill it.  You start to wonder well what is the difference?  The difference between the opening procedure depends on the type of lock you have.  Lets just say you have the average apartment lock in the New York City apartment buildings. To shim it is to slide something like a credit card or maybe something like a venetian blind between the lock and the door jam and shim the door open.  The locksmith usually uses a tool called a shim to open the door lock. Lets say the locksmith was not able to shim the door lock.  The next step is to pick it open. The locksmith would use a pick set to try to pick open the cylinder, usually this is possible if you have a regular security cylinder lock.  If in case you have a high security cylinder such as a mul-t-lock or a Medeco then the locksmith would have to drill it.  In any case if the locksmith shims open your lock you can still use the lock once your in, if he picks it you can also still use the lock, but if he drills the cylinder then you have to get a new cylinder afterwards.
Mortise lock for apartment
inside of a cylinder
tools for rekeying locks
Pick set

Friday, May 8, 2015


Digital locks are the up and coming security options.  Digital locks allow you to eleminate looking for keys in your bag to open your house.  The convinience of using your finger, your phone or your eyes to open your house lock is very useful.  There are times you go on vacation and loose your house keys in another country.  You arrive back home and can't get in so you call a locksmith who drills out your lock and replaces it to give you new keys.  Usually it costs about $250 , but with the advent of the digital lock you don't have to worry about loosing your keys.  Emergency Locksmith service is expensive.