Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lockout service

Just like everything else we use day to day locks require maintenance. Countless times I have. Gone to locations in Queens where the person has their keys but the lock doesn't turn. So on the scene the first thing I do is spray WD40 lubricant and 90% of the time the key starts to turn and I open the door.  The first question that the client comes out with is so what happened? And I tell them well your lock dried up and the pins froze up so you couldn't turn the key and when the sprayed the lubricant it freed up the pins and bingo the key turned.  Usually if there is construction happeneimg in the apartment on the floor the dust can cause the cylinder pins to Hamm up.  So it's very important to spray WD40 into the key way and any moving part of the lock.  Some people use grafiet by I don't recoomen it because it's basically fine powder and it could jam up the cylinder.  If your lock on your apartment door is starting to turn hard or it doesn't have that clear snap sound chances are it needs lubrication don't delay lubricate it before it breaks and locks you out. provides free service call for maintenance and upgrading.  We service Flushing, Corona, Rego Park, Astoria, First Hills, Elmhurst, Woodhaven and many other Queens neighborhoods.  Specialized in doors, locks, lockout service safes, and much more.

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