Sunday, March 29, 2015


This one is for everyone who moves into an apartment and their bottom lock never works.  When you rent or buy an apartment one of your rights is to have one working lock on the door.  So you can move into an apartment and the only lock that works is the top and that is all the land lord is responsible for.  Now if you move into an apartment and the only lock on the door stops working or never worked to begin with, then you need to inform the management. By law the management or the land lord must fix the lock on the door for no charge to the tenant.  Now there are cases where I personally have gone to locations where the person is locked out of their apartment due to the bottom lock being jammed.  Usually the bottom lock jams because it collapses on its internal mechanism.  One minute you could be locking and unlocking the lock fine and another it could all jam up and lock you out.  The bottom lock is called a mortise lock. This lock is designed with all the mechanism inside held together with two plates. These two plates tend to come loose and when they do all the internal mechanism jump out of its track and jam up.  Usually there are tell tail signs that the lock is about to go, but because we are always so busy we don't pay attention.  Sometimes when the lock is about to collapse it will give you a hard time when you are locking or unlocking it, so that is the best time to call a local locksmith to come and check it out.  when the locksmith comes he/she will be able to take the lock body out, lubricate adjust and put back the lock. By doing the above you would save at least $250 dollars.  How you ask?  Well if you would be locked out due to collapsed lock it would cost you at least $125 up to $175 to have a locksmith just open the lock. After opening the lock you definitely going to need a new mortise lock which could cost you from   $195 up to $350 depending on which mortise lock you have.  So to save money and a heartache have your locks checked by a professional locksmith as soon as you move into an apartment.  I always tell my clients to lubricate their locks at least twice a year if not more.  Most locksmiths in Queens provide a free advisement when it comes to locksmith work.  If your local locksmith does not provide a free walk through call one that does. Abbaslocksmith in Queens always has technicians to do estimates for clients free of charge.  In Queens There are at least seven very good locksmiths.  Abco master lock and key in Forest Hills, Around the clock in Woodhaven, Admiral lock and key in Astoria, Armor locksmith in Freshmeadows, Jstein locksmith in Jamaica, and Joseph locksmith in Jackson Heights.  I personally have worked for all these locksmiths so I know they do free security walk through for houses, apartments and businesses. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Price it.

Everyone who calls a locksmith to get their locks changed or fixed they should be aware that there are at least five different types of deadbolts that locksmiths should readily have available at any time.  So if your are a person who owns a house with wood doors and currently have either kwik set or schlage locksets then you should have your locks upgraded to either Medeco or Mul-T-Locks because the upgrade will enhance the security of the door.  The Medeco and Mul-T-Lock systems have a pick proof cylinders which stop professional thieves from being able to pick your lock open.  The high security deadbolts will also delay your door being kicked in.  To even further enhance the door's security you should have the frame reinforced with a super strike. The super strike is an extended piece of metal which is installed on the frame side of the door.  This is the point where the door latch and deadbolt engage into the frame.  Having an extended piece of metal will stop the wood frame from breaking away while being kicked in.  I recommend fiber glass doors with metal frames as compared to wood doors with wood frames.
In today's economy everyone budgets their money so they can stretch it as far as they can, so when it comes to locks you should also keep your budget in mind and try to get the most for your bucks.  So when it comes to locks your cheapest option is to have your existing locks rekeyed.  Rekeying locks is when the locksmith takes out the existing locks and changes the pins inside the cylinder plugs from the existing to a new key.  The next cheapest option is to install standard quality locks such as Kwik Set locks, Defiant Locks, or Schlage locks.  Okay the next option is mid level locks.  Arrow, falcon, Schlage grade 2 and Master locks.  High Security locks include Medeco, Mul-T-Lock and Abloy locks.  The rekeys should not cost more than $45 per cylinder, regular locks should not be more than $110 each, the mid level locks should not be more than $195 and the High security locks should not be more than $350.  Locksmiths in Queens usually charge less than locksmiths in Manhattan.  All emergency locksmiths are equipped with all the locks I mentioned above.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Iron man

Today we will discuss the function of iron gates as a security measure.  Usually when anyone moves into an apartment it has the usual three Windows, one being the fire escape.  In my experiance I have installed fire department approved window gates for the window on the fire escape.  This FDNY approved gate is designed so egress can be made very easily but entry is restricted.  These kind of gates usually come in either white or black.  The cost of these gates ranges from $450 for a single window to $875 for a double window.  Recently we installed iron grills and fire department approved gate for a lady in Forest Hills.  She just bought the studio apartment.  The apartment has three Windows, two double and one single.  So for the double windows we installed interlocking grills and for the single window we installed the fire gate.  Even though her apartment is on the first floor her mother was concerned that people can climb any of her Windows.  So to make her mom feel better she covered all her windows with these iron gates. So we were transporting these five gates from my truck into the building and we ran into the super, she calls out to us " hey iron man".  After installing all the gates on her Windows I looked around and honestly it didn't look that bad, considering that her apartment is completely fortified.  In today industry a locksmith has to also be an iron man in order to fullfill the client's security needs.  So it's not only iron man who saves people from evil doers, locksmiths are also super heroes who save people and their belongings.  There are knock off of the real fire department approved gates so make sure rant the designed gate has a knob for opening the gates nothing else.  In Rego Park Queens there were a rash of burglaries in the recent past so there an increase in demand for the gates.  On an average we install about four gates a month.  It usually take a week to make a gate. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It happens to all of us.

So your a locksmith trying to make a living so you can put food on your family dinner table.  You work every day and try to help as much as possible.  Then comes a day when someone calls for your service, you drive twenty minutes to let the person into their apartment. It takes your two minutes to do the job, when you ask to get paid the person says "I am not paying you didn't do anything".  What do you do? Do you call the cops, wait for two hours and maybe get paid, do you start fighting with the guy or do you ask him how much does he want to pay. So he says well ill give you $40 instead of the $95 that he was quoted on the phone.  So being the gentleman that I am, I opted for the $40 dollars. I look at as a karma thing, if I allow this person to get away with what he did maybe his karma would change somehow for the positive.  Also some people don't know how to be nice about situations.  For example this person could easily have said listen dude I cant afford $95 can you give me a discount? You know 95% chance I might have just given him the discount, but instead he chose the rude way and insulted me, by saying I didn't do anything.
Honest locksmiths use three ways to gain entrance into locked doors. If the lock on the door is a standard lock and the person just closed the door behind them and got locked out, we try to shim the door lock open, and usually we are successful and it usually happens very quick.  If the shim doesn't work then we pick the lock, and once again if we successful then it happens very quick. Now if those two ways don't work then unfortunately we must drill the lock open.  When the lock is drilled open we do it in a way where we only destroy the cylinder and not the whole lock.  For any of this lockout service abbaslocksmith would charge a flat rate of $95.00 to open the door. We provide service for all of New York City.  Abbaslocksmith can usually get their locksmiths to locations within 30 minutes.  We have technicians located in Flushing, Corona, Elmhurst, Woodhaven, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Whitestone, Green Point, Ridgewood, Park Slope, LES, UES, Bushwick, Williamsburg and many other neighborhoods. So give us a try you will not be disappointed.  516 362 1459 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Stop the burglar

What does it take to stop a burglar from entering your home? Well the first thing that everyone should keep in mind is to stay aware of all that goes on in your life. From the places you visit, people you interact with, people you have over to your house, and most important how well you know your home. Average homes usually have at least two entrances, one in the front and one in the back.  Normally these entrances are equipped with a wooden door and wooden frame. These wood doors and frames are equipped with your average deadbolt and knob, usually from home depot. So you look at your door every day when you leave or come into your house but you never think is my door strong enough to withhold a donkey kick, or a few blows from a heavy shoulder.
From my experience most break ins happen during day time, usually in the afternoon.  Most break ins bare the signs of being kicked in by a heavy kick.  The usual damage is a broken frame due to the bolt being broken out through it.  The molding are usually broken off also.  We here at abbaslocksmith have devised a few different strategies to combat against your door being kicked in. To start off we recommend that home owners install security storm doors in front of their wooden door.  The iron security storm door actually stocks burglar by visual deterrent. Usually seeing a security storm door most burglars don't even try to break in, and even if they do, they don't get too far. Second we recommend that you put heavy deadbolts on the door accompanied with super strikes. The heavy deadbolt and super strike strengthen the door and frame making it very difficult to kick the door down. Abbaslocksmith recommends Medeco, Mul-t-Lock and commercial grade schlage model locks.
 door to the Rec Department's office and skating rink hut was damaged ...damaged unnamed hospital fire doorDamaged_Door.pngburglar at a house door - a burglar trying to break a doorProduct strike

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Locksmith Brunch In Long Island City

Locksmith and wife went to Blend on The Water, a restaurant in Long Island City for brunch. We both had their delicious French toast with a side order of eggs and home fries.  The French toast was very good, not too sweet and not too soggy.  The staff were very nice and attentive.  We were seated within twenty minutes, and  our order was taken right after. Our waitress was very polite and attended to us very well. I would recommend it to anyone in the mood for great French toast. Our locksmiths have done work in Long Island City Queens in the newly developed buildings and the old homes in the area.  Most of the apartments in the new buildings are equipped with lever handles with best cores. has locksmith available to provide any type of locksmith service to Long Island City Queens. We have rekeyed the best cores in the lever handles, I personally have shim opened apartments in the new buildings. Island City.