Thursday, April 16, 2015

Locks and Locks

We are also going to need a few tools (not vi or python!):
image of lockout  - lock and unlock icon used it for button on your website - JPG Locksmith work in Queens, Corona, Flushing, Forest Hills, Astoria, Elmhurst, Ridgewood, Bayside, always use a licensed locksmith, I am one call for free advise 5163621459 anytime, anywhere.
image of lockout  - 3d rendering of lock key and chain overy binary data sheet - JPG stock photo of lockout  - Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password - JPG pic of lockout  - Lockout Warning on industrial power switch to a large electrical panel - JPG image of lockout  - Golden key and puzzle  - JPG

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The doors

Today was a  day of work in Forest Hills Queens, I worked on a seagal 900 Series lock, a thumb press mortise lock in the Gardens and Also a door closer on Austin street. So the 900 series lock was made back in the 60's and 70's and was installed on apartment doors as the primary lock.  Today it has been replaced by mortise locks, so unfortunately there are no parts to repair the lock.  If you have a 900 series seagal lock on your door and its broken, it has to be removed the door outfitted to take an entry door knob.  The thumb press lock is still available so we are able to repair and replace it anytime. Marks USA makes it, Baldwin and Amtek also makes it.
Mortise lock thumb press
900 seagal lock

Locksmith service in Queens Forest Hills
Forest Hills Gardens
cylinders in shop

Friday, April 3, 2015

I did it all today

Wow I even empressed myself today.  I went to our locksmith shop in Forest Hills Queens, which I do everyday. Today was different because I didn't see my boss behind the counter.  So I opened the shop and immediately people were coming in to cut keys, buy locks and order services.  The first customer had me cut five Mul-t-Lock keys and four medeco keys.  Another customer had me cut twenty five keys and buy a mortise cylinder.  My third customer came and told me that a neighbor was trying to help replace her lock but couldn't and wanted me to that she needed for her security storm door. So when my customer left I locked up and went over to 136 street in Flushing. I installed a Marks 22 AC mortise lock.  After installing the lock I rushed back to the shop and as you would know it people were waiting to have their keys cut.  I served about ten people and then this old lady comes in and says that she is locked out.  So I locked up and drove her to her apartment on 68th avenue off of Yellowstone Blvd in Forest Hills.  I drilled opened her bottom lock cylinder and replaced it.  I rushed back to the shop and immediately people came in to cut keys.  One of the people had a lock in his hand.  He asked me if I can repair it. So I took it out of the bag, it turned out to be a sargent thumb press mortise lock.  I took it apart, replace springs and brackets and then out it back together.  I charged him for the repair he was so happy that he gave me a tip.  He told me that he had tried to have other places to get it fixed but no one would try.  So my day progressed with more keys and the my last job of the day, a lock install for a girl who just moved in to her apartment in Rego Park.  Our locksmith has been around since 1965 in Forest Hills.  We have built very good relationship with our community and have gained many loyal customers.  You have a broken lock want to have it fixed take it over to your local locksmith chances are it could be repaired.  A neighborhood locksmith is more than just a locksmith.  A locksmith is a security expert who can usually give you the best advise you can use to build your security.